Our mission & Vision

At Central Texas Eye Clinic, our mission is to improve vision quality and clarity for our community through affordable, comprehensive care. We offer a welcoming environment, treating each patient like family with personalized care. Beyond vision correction, we focus on patient education and empowerment. With experienced professionals, modern facilities, and a no-wait policy, we aim to be Central Texas's trusted, accessible eye care provider.

Our vision at Central Texas Eye Clinic is to be the leader in eye care excellence in Central Texas, setting the benchmark for quality, trust, and patient satisfaction. We aim for a future where top-tier eye health services are accessible to everyone, enhancing life quality through superior vision and eye health. Recognized for our integrity, honesty, and commitment to all individuals' well-being, we strive to be the region's most trusted provider, continually innovating and expanding our affordable, efficient, and compassionate services.

Experience the freedom of clear vision


Serving Central Texas for over 40 years

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Improving vision quality and clarity for Central Texas through affordable, comprehensive care for over 35 years

Our professionals

Dr. Jeffrey Leinfelder

Ophthamologist / Owner

Dr. Alex Thompson

Admin Team

Olivia Reynolds

Digital Eye Strain Solutions Expert

Eye Doctor
Dr. Sophia Lee

Pediatric Eye Care Specialist

Eye Doctor
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